Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pioneers of a Different Sort

Below is a clip where Jim Rogers (The Adventure Capitalist who grew up in Demopolis, AL) was talking about how he has moved his family to Singpore. In other interviews he has said that living/working in Asia is the same as being in NYC in 1907, that is, on the brink of growth and success. Agreed.

I feel that a lot of my reasons for going to Korea has not only to do with my wanderlust, but on economic principles. The salary/cost of living for most new graduates in our country is appalling, not to mention the inflation and dollar bastardization. The future doesn't look much better for most as salary rises only marginally (for most in most industries) over the next years.

True, we still have a high standard of living. I am constantly asking "what is enough?" It is my belief that successes enjoyed by my grandparent's generation are today impossible on the same scale. 400+ years ago, someone in my family decided to move from Spain to the US and 100 years later, someone from Scotland decided to do the same. Why can't I make that same move for my future?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Criminal Intentions?

I got a call from the recruiter this evening. The new visa regulations that will go into effect Dec. 15 will hit me, although not until I arrive. This means I must bring with me a criminal background check issued by a local police authority along with an apostille (certification stamp). I also have to have a blood test for drugs and AIDS.

It seems a little early for this, but I've already started packing. Everytime I've moved before, it has been last minute. I'm using the "space bags" to see how much will fit/weigh.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Preparation M

I guess today marks the first day of my journey. The contracts were signed and sent last week and the visa is pending. I juggled around bank accounts at Wachovia, Bancorp, and my newest banking love, Keesler FCU. (Better because it's yours)

The car is up for sale on Craigslist and Facebook. Probably soon to go in the AutoTrader.

I took a late night run to Wal-Mart to gather sundries. I am trying to take only the necessities. When I moved to Germany, I took only clothes. Korea won't have nearly as many familiar products, but I'm attempting to not let my experience be contaminated by trying to replicate the US. I guess it's mostly "creature comforts" having gotten more settled in my last six years.

All that's really left is to do a dry run on packing. Put everything in the bags and make sure they meet all the new regs. And 50 lbs max a bag? Why? Because the TSA folks are too weak to lift more than that. I give it a Puh-leeze.