Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend and Future

There wasn't too much excitement this weekend. I originally planned to go to Osan to see the air show, but decided that I needed to stay home and clean my apartment. I went down Saturday night to meet my friend for some Mexican food. It's nice to go to a real Mexican restaurant with real furniture and just chill out for an hour or two.

Usually "dining" in Korea is an experience for utility. As many plastic tables and chairs crowded into a small room where servers nearly trip over every customers chair to slam side dishes and water bottles onto tables. "Balli balli" and get the food down your throat so the next people can come in and sit down. You're here to be fed, not to relax, enjoy, or savor.

On the bus ride back I thought a lot about the next year. With the crash of the won, there is absolute certainty that I won't remain in Korea another year. Not that I was keen on the idea anyway. The crash of the won came with the crash of financial markets at home. I picked up on the symptoms a year ago. I saw two appraisals a day become two a week. Now, it has become acute.

I really want to work in real estate and finance again, even in appraisals, but now is not the time. I want to have my own business, but now is not the time. So I find myself asking questions that I thought were answered over four years ago: What do I want to do?

The time has come that I have to change course, find some employment, something that will remain secure. I don't like the idea of sitting in an office all day, I want to be on my, but I feet a good part of the time, but I don't like sales. After narrowing down my options, I think I've found the perfect job: Wal-Mart.