Sunday, December 7, 2008

US Fisheries don't belong to "us"

I'm not really alarmist at foreign ownership of companies, but have started noticing a trend in fisheries. From watching the Whale Wars TV show I was curious as to who owned the Japanese whaling boats. It turns out they are owned by Nissui, a Japanese fishing conglomerate who also happens to own Gorton's. Gorton's has about 37% of the fish business in the US.

This reminded me of an article I read recently that DongWon, a Korean food company, recently bought StarKist. StarKist has a 40% market share. I'm looking for more information about fisheries and who actually owns everything. I'll try to post up more later.

StarKist owned by Korean DongWon
Chicken of the Sea owned by Thai Union
BumbleBee owned by Canadian investment group
South Pacific Tuna Company, 51% US owned, 49% Taiwanese owned. This is a fishing boat company that is majority US owned so as to maintain a US flag and use fishing grounds as permitted by US treaties. Taiwanese vessels may not have access to these grounds.

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